Our Children

Highfield and Brookham pupils have a special kind of energy. Childhood is a magical time and we celebrate its sense of fun and adventure, encouraging children to draw the best out of everyone, sharing values of compassion, generosity, concern for others and our environment; fully engaged in the wider world.

Girls from Highfield are always warmly welcomed at Downe House. They are not only thoroughly prepared academically, but are also great contributors to every aspect of school life.

Headmistress, Downe House

School Councils

We seek to empower our children so they feel able to articulate their point of view but also listen to others. The ways we encourage this are numerous, but also include formal avenues such the School Councils. Each term year groups nominate their representatives to meet and discuss a range of issues that pertain to the whole school community and the way it runs on a practical day to day basis.

Representatives feed back thoughts and ideas from these discussions to the Headteacher as well as their year groups and often come up with excellent ideas for changes to processes and procedures which directly affect the children. As adults we sometimes miss the obvious!


Highfield boys have an air of reassuring individuality about them. They are comfortable with who they are, and as such, integrate easily into the diversity of Eton.

Tutor for Admissions, Eton College


Monitors are responsible for helping staff to ensure the smooth running of the school on a day-to-day basis. Any child in Year 8 can become a Monitor if it is felt that their conduct and reliability are such that they can fulfil this important role effectively.

Their role includes the checking of hands and taking of tables at lunch, seeing children in and out of assemblies and chapel services, greeting and guiding parents, and monitoring behaviour of other children in and around the school. It is a rich and varied role, which is extremely rewarding and an important part of each child’s education, learning to be of service to others and to persuade younger children to follow a good example.

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