After Brookham

The vast majority of children from Brookham Pre-Prep progress to Highfield Prep School, and from there on to some of the best senior schools in the country at either 11+ or 13+. Whatever you choose, Brookham provides a wonderful and relevant experience for your child, ensuring they leave us as happy and well-rounded, ready to tackle the next stage of their learning journeys.

During Year 3 at Brookham children are prepared for entry to Highfield to help facilitate a smooth transition. Many of the systems and structures our children are used to will remain the same at Highfield and they will already, of course, be familiar with the buildings and grounds. However, throughout the year the schools take the opportunity to work more closely together. Year 3 attend Chapel regularly with Year 4 and some subjects are also taught by Highfield teachers which helps the Year 3 children to feel part of the wider community, alleviate any anxiety and encourages them to feel welcomed and excited to begin this new important stage in their education. 

If transferring to a Junior School or alternative Prep School we support parents by helping them to find the right school for their child, as well as supporting the child by preparing them for any 7+ assessment required.

By the time children at Brookham Pre-Prep reach Year 3 they are growing into courageous learners. They are fluent readers, literate writers and sound mathematicians. They can articulate their point of view and seek to define problems and work them out for themselves. Do come and meet them!

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