Extra-Curricular Breadth

A well-rounded education is about far more than just academic learning, and at Brookham we are passionate about broadening our children’s horizons; enabling them to acquire excellence in their enthusiasms and foster lifelong passions.

Music & Drama

Learning the language of Music is an integral part of early education; supporting numeracy and literacy, as well as building confidence, self-expression, and listening skills. Few pre-prep schools enjoy such great facilities, well-qualified, professional musicians, and such a range of instruments as Brookham. Drama lessons also focus on developing self-expression and creative thinking, developing skills that give value to all of school life and learning. Our broad range of clubs, plays and concerts also allow all pupils, of any age and standard, the opportunity to perform formally, as well as more informally in assemblies and weekly ‘Cushion Concerts’.

Brookham pupils learning music

Art & DT

Our specialist Art and DT teacher provides all year groups with Art and DT lessons every week. Working alongside form teachers and subject teachers, Art and DT projects are linked to the topics being studied in order to help pupils explore and further their understanding of the subject. The creativity of our children is celebrated on the walls and displays round the school – do come and see them!

Art and Design at Brookham School

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

We offer a fantastic range of extra-curricular opportunities which give children experience in other activities outside the school day such as judo, gymnastics, pottery, dance and yoga. Our optional Saturday morning sports sessions also offer further opportunities to take part in extra-curricular activities.

Additional swimming and tennis lessons are also available after school through our Activities Department. Visit the Swim School & Holiday Activities areas of this site to find out more.

After School Clubs - Autumn Term 2019

The bookings for the After School Clubs is now closed.  Please login to the Parent Protected Area to check club lists.

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