Learning at Brookham

Brookham Pre-Prep School combines innovative teaching and learning with superb facilities and resources. We pride ourselves on offering an ambitious and genuinely broad curriculum that provides children with a well-rounded, balanced and comprehensive educational experience.

We aim to create a relaxed, yet stimulating, atmosphere with happy, smiling children coming to school not only to learn but to have fun.

Superb Facilities

Nestled within the beautiful 175 acre grounds of Highfield Prep School, Brookham children are able to benefit from the close relationship between the two schools by having access to facilities such as the theatre, Music School, swimming pool and extensive sports facilities. Each classroom has direct access to the outdoors and we take full advantage of our wealth of natural resources for the endless possibilities they provide for exploration, research and discovery.

Excellent, Specialist Teaching

A Brookham staff member assisting a pupilWe are acutely aware of the evidence confirming the positive correlation between teacher quality and pupil achievement which is consistently borne out of research. Our children are taught by experienced and qualified Early Years Teachers and specialised KS1 teachers, as well as specialist teachers in PE, Music, Swimming, Art, Spanish, French and Forest School.

The development of ‘soft skills’ is a real strength of the school. The emphasis on problem solving and creativity is interwoven throughout our provision as these are the skills that Senior Schools increasingly look for, and ensure that ultimately, the children will be employable in a work place very different to the one that exists now.

Forest School

Forest School allows us to give our children a totally unique type of learning experience and enhance their educational journey. Children have regular opportunities to learn in the woodland classroom, make dens, forage, build fires, cook their food, and even go on Gruffalo and dinosaur sightings! Little ones who initially find the classroom quite confining can often be the ones who react quite differently in the woods. They are usually good team players and can think laterally to solve problems.

The success they achieve in the outside area then reflects back into the classroom and suddenly the whole school experience feels better for them.

Our children are encouraged to develop independence skills, improve their decision-making and raise their self-esteem through manageable tasks. Sessions of Forest School are child- led to accommodate individual learning styles and children are encouraged to make decisions and engage with their learning in a way that suits them.

Special Educational Needs

Our aim at Brookham is to ensure that all pupils meet their individual potential and that any particular needs are identified and supported as soon as possible. Initially this will be through careful monitoring and intervention (if necessary) by the class teacher who will liaise with parents and keep them informed of progress and any concerns. The Head of Learning Support (SENCo) observes and assesses children on an informal basis and offers advice and support to class teachers and parents. Additional support is offered targeting specific areas such as boosting phonic knowledge or by individual lessons with qualified specialist teachers. We also have close links with professionals such as occupational therapists and speech and language therapists which enable us to offer a holistic approach to our support.

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