Nursery & Reception

Brookham Nursery

Like the rest of Brookham, our newly refurbished Nursery has a warm and welcoming environment in which children are encouraged to participate in a wide variety of play and educational activities both indoors and outdoors. Our qualified, specialist teachers guide young learners to reach their full potential, and provide numeracy and literacy activities as well as PE, swimming, Spanish, music, ballet and forest school lessons every week. 

Each classroom has direct access to the outdoors and we take our children outdoors to learn at every opportunity, whether that is listening to a story in Spanish or measuring the circumference of trees in our private woodlands. The Nursery is run by a qualified and experienced nursery school teacher and three experienced assistants who ensure that the children get the best possible start to their education.

We believe that high quality education has the greatest impact in the early years. During these first years of schooling, the enthusiasm nurtured by first-rate teaching cultivates a child’s love of learning, and the skills they acquire form the foundations for all future education. From fine motor skills to phonics, from numeracy to courage and self-belief, it is a one-time opportunity to captivate curious minds, ensuring they flourish in later life. At Brookham children benefit from:

  • A genuinely individual approach
  • Broad and flexible teaching
  • Small class sizes
  • 175 acre learning space


Children can start at our Nursery from the beginning of the term during which they will turn three years of age, and they may attend any days of the week that we have availability, and in any combination of morning and/or afternoon sessions, up to full time, five days a week. We also provide wrap-around childcare for working parents with 'Before School Care' from 8.00am, and an 'After School Care' facility from 3.15pm until 5.30pm. 

Brookham offers the Government’s ‘Free Entitlement’ grant. For more information please read the document provided.

We are always delighted to welcome parents for bespoke visits - Do come and see us! Please contact Charlotte Cottrell, on 01428 722005 or via our contact page.

Brookham Reception

Brookham Children writing on boards

Children leave the Nursery and go up to Reception in the September following their fourth birthday. The two years in the Nursery and the year in Reception constitute the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’ and form the basis of our Early Years Education at Brookham School. The curriculum is divided into seven areas of learning:

  • Communication and Language
  • Literacy and Numeracy
  • Physical development
  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Knowledge of the world
  • Creative development
  • Physical Health and Self Care

Brookham School is nestled within 175 acres of impressive private grounds at Highfield Prep School in Liphook on the Hampshire, Surrey, West Sussex borders. Therefore Brookham children are able to benefit from the close relationship between the two schools having access to Highfield’s expert teaching staff for things like Science, Sport and Art. They also benefit from specialist teaching in PE, Modern Languages, Music and Forest School.

For these smallest members of the school, the adventures in Nursery and Reception will be full of wonder and exploration. As they grow up through the school their experiences will become wider and they develop confidence, teamwork and responsibility. Our aim is to provide a calm, secure and stimulating environment where our children can grow and develop into courageous learners.

We really care for your child and get to know them properly from day one, providing education tailored to your child's individual interests and needs.

The best way to see if Brookham is right for your family is to come and see our school in action. Sophie, Headteacher of Brookham, looks forward to welcoming you and would be delighted to take you on a bespoke tour.

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