Academic Ambition

Our priority is to ensure our children flourish academically and become courageous learners: children who grow up with a love of learning; who seek to define problems and solve them for themselves; who are undaunted by setbacks; who are willing to articulate their point of view but also listen to others; who are ready and able to collaborate with, support and encourage their peers.

We want our children to achieve their very best, leaving Highfield or Brookham willing and able to meet the challenges life throws at them, when creativity, innovation, initiative, entrepreneurship and commitment to continuous learning are as important as knowledge.

Specialist Teaching | Structured Curriculum | Tracking and Monitoring | Soft Skills | The Next Step 

Excellent, Specialist Teaching

Learning on iPadsAt Highfield and Brookham, we are acutely aware of the evidence confirming the positive correlation between teacher quality and pupil achievement consistently borne out of research. We are committed to delivering outstanding, specialist teaching and providing excellent professional development as one of the most effective ways to improve pupil outcomes. From Nursery, we employ specialist teachers, experienced and qualified Early Years teachers and specialist KS1 and KS2 teachers. Our teachers are inspired and challenged by regular high quality training to ensure we model the very best practice in the education sector. 

Engaging, Structured Curriculum

We have developed a robust curriculum map from Nursery to Year 8 which underpins decisions about teaching and learning with academic rigour at its core. A logical, progressive and exciting programme gives pupils a well-rounded, balanced and comprehensive education. Regular evaluation of the curriculum and subject teaching ensures challenge is always at the core of learning, to motivate and inspire our children. Our results demonstrate real value-added throughout, an especially distinguishing feature when considering our broadly non-selective mixed ability intake. This is evident not only in the range of leading Senior Schools we feed, but also in the number of successful applications to the ‘big name’ schools. 

Effective Tracking and Monitoring

All subject areas have tracking and monitoring systems in place and Cognitive Ability Testing (CAT) takes place in Years 2, 4 and 6. Standardised testing in English, Maths and reading takes place at least annually, and Middle Years Information System (MidYIS) testing in Year 7 provides insight into learning profiles, and enables us to tailor learning individually and appropriately for all our children. We make individualised changes to our provision as appropriate -just one of the many personalised adjustments we can make to ensure the best outcomes for the child. 

‘Soft Skills’ Development

The development of ‘soft skills’ is a real strength of the schools. The emphasis on problem solving and creativity is interwoven throughout our provision; through the Co-Curricular Programme, Keys Programme, Study Skills sessions, HighReach, Forest School, Challenge Week, After School Activities etc. These are the skills that Senior Schools increasingly look for, and ensure that ultimately the children will flourish in a work place very different to the one that exists now. 

Outstanding Preparation for the Next Step

As ‘Prep’ schools, our focus is on preparation for the next step. We deliver exceptional levels of support for parents choosing their child’s next school, whether at age 7+, 11+ or 13+. We are proud of our exceptional track record for entrance to chosen Senior Schools and enjoy one of the highest conversion rates of candidates to offers, and excellent feedback on how well our pupils settle and perform.

Our outstanding scholarship success and breadth, with 31 scholarship awards in the last two years and 76 in the past five years, is further testament to our high levels of success with Academic, Arts, Sports and All Rounder Awards. Our ISEB Pre-Test and Senior School Assessment preparation is outstanding, combining regular Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning preparation, interview practice, and communication skills development, ensuring our pupils are exceptionally well prepared, whenever they leave us.

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