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One of the key benefits of Highfield is the supportive and collaborative process we offer parents to help identify the right Senior School for their child. We feed the top senior schools in the country and take great pride in our flawless record of securing every child’s place at their first choice Senior School.

We want our children to be as happy and fulfilled at Senior School as they have been at Highfield and the process of finding the right school is an exciting and collaborative venture between us, the parents and the child themselves.

This process can begin as early as Year 4, particularly if parents are looking to send their child to their Senior School at 11+. It involves detailed discussion between the Headmaster and the child's parents, recommendations of schools that appear to fit their broad objectives and then visits by parents to these schools, so that they too can get a feel for them. I always tell parents it is a little like house hunting; there are those houses we visit and rule out immediately, others that seem to ‘almost’ fit the bill and then those that we know almost instinctively and in our hearts are the right ones. Although the top Senior Schools are all doing broadly the same things extraordinarily well, offering outstanding facilities and opportunities and a mouth-watering range of extra-curricular activities, each is unique, with its own atmosphere, priorities and 'feel'. It is this ‘feel’ that so often informs the matter of choice.

Another key benefit is that Highfield allows parents to keep their options open. Whether you eventually choose day or boarding, co-educational or single sex, at 11+ or 13+, Highfield provides a wonderful and relevant experience for your child, ensuring they leave us as happy and well-rounded individuals, full of enthusiasm to tackle the next stage of their learning journeys.

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Scholarships & Awards

Highfield enjoys a long tradition of scholarship success is committed to supporting and promoting the interests of all genuinely strong candidates at their chosen Senior Schools. Below are the Awards and Scholarships won by Highfieldians over the past three years. They reflect the breadth and range of our pupils strengths and provide a strong endorsement of the quality of teaching and learning at the School.

2018 Scholarships. 
Academic ScholarshipCranleigh School x 2
Academic ScholarshipCanford School x 3
Academic ScholarshipChurcher's College 
Academic ExhibitionCranleigh School
Academic ExhibitionPriors Field
Design Technology ExhibitionSt. Edward's School, Oxford
Music ScholarshipOundle School
Music ScholarshipThe King’s School, Canterbury
Sports ScholarshipMarlborough College x 2
Sports ScholarshipWellington College 

Previous Years

2017 Scholarships
Academic ScholarshipBrighton College
Academic ScholarshipCranleigh School
Academic ScholarshipPangbourne College
Academic ScholarshipPrior's Field School
Art ScholarshipBryanston School
Art ScholarshipMarlborough College
Art ScholarshipThe Royal School, Haslemere
Art ScholarshipRugby School
Music ScholarshipSeaford College
Sports ScholarshipMarlborough College
Sports ScholarshipSeaford College x 3
William Morris All Rounder ScholarshipMarlborough College
All Rounder ScholarshipSeaford College
All Rounder Scholarship with DramaBrighton College
2016 Scholarships
Academic ScholarshipMarlborough College x 2
Academic ScholarshipPangbourne College
Academic ExhibitionThe King's School Canterbury
Drama ScholarshipCranleigh School
Art ScholarshipCranleigh School
Art ExhibitionBenenden School
Sports ScholarshipThe King's School Canterbury
Sports ScholarshipCanford School x 2
Sports ScholarshipMarlborough College
Sports ScholarshipDownside School
Sports ExhibitionThe King's School Canterbury
The Governors' AwardThe Portsmouth Grammar School

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