Co-Curricular Breadth & Excellence

At Highfield & Brookham we are passionate about enabling our pupils to enjoy an astonishing diversity of opportunities; to broaden their horizons and enable them to acquire excellence in their chosen enthusiasms, fostering lifelong passions.

Outstanding Music Teaching and Performance

Learning the language of music is an integral part of education. It supports numeracy and literacy in the early stages, as well as building confidence, self-expression, and listening skills. Few pre-prep and prep schools enjoy such excellent facilities, well-qualified, professional music teachers and such a range of instruments as Brookham and Highfield. Our many clubs and concerts allow all children, irrespective of age and ability, the opportunity to perform at termly formal concerts, rock concerts and weekly cushion concerts. We place strong emphasis on enriching all aspects of the curriculum through song and movement; be it learning about the world, other cultures or the environment.

Superb Drama Productions and LAMDA Tuition

World book day at Highfield SchoolOur drama lessons, productions and LAMDA provision focus on the development of the skills of performance and confident self-expression. These transcend the rehearsal room, giving value to whole school life and study. We aim to awaken curiosity in young minds, curiosity that leads to informed assessments of different views, beliefs and social groups, broadening their intellectual and citizenship horizons. Developing confidence in our pupils helps them to think creatively and practically and to be comfortable both on and off stage. By working together on productions, pupils gain an understanding of their role in the group and their impact on the group as a whole, a crucial element in developing team building skills.

Strong Record of Art and DT Scholarship Success

Getting creative in Art class at Highfield SchoolIf current thinking is to be believed, the future belongs to right-brainers; the creators and empathisers, pattern recognisers and meaning makers. Through Art and Design Technology we are building 21st century skills including: creativity; critical thinking; collaboration and communication. Through the creative process children are encouraged to take risks, experiment and develop their skills and ideas, be that in painting, sculpture, CAD, digital media or metal work. We encourage children to evaluate their work and that of others, regularly analysing and reflecting on their progress. Our children are always working together, sharing ideas and learning to work flexibly, as well as taking the initiative. Through community projects and visits, children learn listening skills as well as the ability to articulate their ideas and provide constructive feedback in helpful discussions.

Commitment to Teaching Essential Life Skills

Leaning the chemistry of cookingThe Keys Programme prepares children for the next step of their journey, to equip them with essential life skills and a broader experience of the wider community. Life skills training sessions offer the opportunity to improve practical skills, such as touch typing, first aid, cookery and interview techniques. A healthy mind and body is also essential to wellbeing and children practice mindfulness and develop important character strengths and thinking skills in problem solving sessions. The community outreach element of the Keys Programme opens pupils’ eyes and minds to those less fortunate than themselves, and develops the skills of empathy and selfless consideration. Children have frequent opportunities to experience and understand charitable activities first hand.

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