Pupil Care & Support

From the time that our boarding children wake up in the morning, or our day pupils arrive, their care and well-being is of utmost importance to our dedicated staff, who are committed to making them feel as safe and nurtured as possible.

Highfield provides an excellent caring ethos which results in pupils that are valued, safe, happy and confident empowering them to achieve their potential and have fun! All the staff know the pupils well and promote self-confidence and self-esteem during the school day and beyond. If pupils have any concerns or problems, there is comprehensive team of people they can talk to, even the Headmaster, who parents say "knows their children inside out"

Nice to see they are still children at 13 and not (yet) hormonally charged and monosyllabic. Not a scrap of make up or hair gel in sight.

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All members of staff at Highfield have pastoral responsibilities as well as being teachers. Most of the staff has a defined pastoral role but everyone is available to listen, to advise, to help or just be there for your child. 

Learning Support

Highfield is committed to accepting children within a wide range of academic ability with particular strengths and abilities, as well as particular academic weaknesses and areas of learning that may require support; this may be on a long-term basis or just at a particular stage of their education. The Learning and Study Skills Support Department monitors the academic progress and development of all children in the school very closely.

Where a pupil is identified as having areas of weakness in their learning, a support programme may be put in place that is tailored to the child's individual needs. This may involve strategies and targets that subject staff put in place across the curriculum, extra support in the classroom from a Teaching Assistant or withdrawal for 1:1 individual tuition targeting identified areas of need. Our aim is to help all pupils achieve their individual potential and we have a fantastic record of achievement with pupils who have specific learning difficulties, many of whom ultimately achieve excellent CE results and admission to top Senior Schools.

The Health Centre

The Health Centre is situated within the main school building and is comprised of a nurses’ office and a Resting Room (with beds and comfortable chairs). There is also a separate bathroom. Most importantly the health centre has a cosy, relaxed feel and is seen by pupils as a “home from home”.

The Health Centre is staffed by an experienced registered nurse six days a week and a registered nurse is also available on call out of hours. Immediate First Aid cover is provided by the duty staff and Boarding House Team, all of whom are First Aid qualified.

Support for Overseas Pupils

At Highfield we feel that it is very important for our new overseas pupils to settle in as quickly as possible. It is very normal for children away from home and new to boarding to feel homesick from time to time. All of our boarders were new at some point and so we find it very helpful to pair up new boarders with children who have been here longer to help them feel at home in those first few weeks.  Our Boarding Houseparents have considerable experience of looking after overseas pupils and recognise the needs and challenges they face. The best advice is to get stuck in to all the activities that are on offer and keep busy. Very soon it will pass and the weeks flying by too quickly! All the staff who work in the boarding house are kind and friendly so if any child is upset or worried about anything then there are many different people they can turn to for support.

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