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Specialist Sport

Taking part in sport allows children to learn about themselves and their peers and instills golden life values such as sportsmanship, teamwork and humility. Sport helps shape courageous learners and develops resilience, determination and perseverance while our ‘sport for all’ ethos ensures possibilities for every child, regardless of their sporting ability.

We recognise that sport is not just about competing; children are taught from the earliest age at pre-prep about the effects of physical activity on the body and its benefits to lifelong health and wellbeing. We offer a range of physical activities that develop the skills and positive experiences needed to encourage children to want to continue such activities throughout their educational journeys and on into later life.

Prep school sport is about learning to perform together. If we can achieve that, then enjoyment is guaranteed and victory chances increased. We encourage all children to work hard and make the most of every sporting opportunity. It seems to pay dividends. The proof of our success comes from the 23 Sports Scholarships that have been awarded over the past five years to top senior schools such as Cranleigh School, Radley College, Marlborough College, Wellington College and Canford School. 

Remarkable Facilities

Our grounds are second to none and allow us to put out as many as 25 teams in a range of sports on a single match day, meaning we can play more than 1,000 fixtures per year. Our extensive sports facilities include an impressive indoor swimming pool (heated by our own wood-chip biomass boiler) and a full-sized, floodlit, all-weather Astro pitch which has been endorsed by England Hockey. Add to that 15 natural grass pitches, four tennis and netball courts, a nine-hole golf course, squash court, cross-country course, and beautiful woodland perfect for mountain biking.

Sports currently on offer across our pre-prep and prep schools are football, rugby, hockey, golf, cricket, squash, swimming, tennis, athletics, cross-country, netball and lacrosse.

Expert Coaching

Our expert coaches work with all children, from Nursery to Year 8. Our coaching philosophy is specific to each individual and encourages personal skill development, and every coach takes great pride in enabling each child to gain confidence. It is our continued aim to see children of all abilities develop new skills and techniques in coaching sessions and to transfer these skills into competitive matches. Pre-prep children take part in weekly swimming lessons in our indoor pool, with games and PE lessons 3-5 times per week. Prep school children, from Years 4-8, benefit from five afternoons of Games and an additional weekly PE lesson consisting of swimming, badminton, gymnastics, athletics, basketball or sports leadership. We also regularly welcome professional athletes and expert coaches from top senior schools, such as Charterhouse and Marlborough, who hold masterclasses with the children.

Soft Skills

Throughout PE and Games lessons, children are taught the importance of resilience, collaboration and determination. Children try new skills, experiencing success and failure along the way, understanding that mistakes are a sign of trying and of learning. We instill in all children the fundamental value that losing is not failure, merely an opportunity to learn to better themselves, and this applies both on and off the sports pitch. Our children understand that sport is about much more than winning and recognise that to focus solely on winning makes you neither a good sportsperson nor guarantees success.

Sport at Highfield and Brookham is about learning to perform together. If we can achieve that, then enjoyment is guaranteed and victory probable

Extra-curricular Sporting Opportunities

Children are encouraged to pursue sports beyond the regular curriculum courtesy of our optional after-school clubs. Clubs change on a termly basis and provide a perfect place to develop new skills in a favourite sport, or perhaps to try something new. Additional extra-curricular sports include golf, sailing, archery, horse riding, mixed hockey, judo and ultimate frisbee, while extra swimming and tennis lessons are also available to the children.

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