Together we care

Military Families

We have a long tradition of welcoming military families to Highfield and Brookham Schools. We recognise that military life can disrupt children’s education and we provide families a long-term, stable and nurturing environment where children thrive and develop their potential.

Pastoral Care

Our pastoral care is second to none. Children at Highfield and Brookham are stimulated and challenged within a caring and nurturing environment. We place huge importance on pastoral care and this empowers our children to feel secure, to be themselves, and enables them to form genuine friendships. This is one of the many reasons why military families choose Highfield and Brookham. Find out more about our pupil care.


We offer caring home-from-home boarding for children from Year 4 when they join our Junior Boarding House. This is a cosy family home where children in Years 4 and 5 ease into boarding in a quieter, encouraging environment before moving up to the Senior Boarding House in Year 6. Many families beyond the armed forces choose to board with us and military children will soon find themselves part of a supportive extended family. Visit our boarding section to find out all about life as a boarder.

Academic Ambition

At the very heart of everything we do is delivering an exceptional education for all our pupils. We want to nurture a love of learning in and out of the classroom that will stand them in good stead throughout their educational journeys now and in the future. Find out more about our Academic Ambition.

CEA and discounts

We offer a further discount in addition to the CEA Allowance for Boarding pupils from military families and we also offer a discount for Day pupils too. Please email for further information.