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Extra-curricular Excellence

At Highfield and Brookham, we believe that classrooms come in many shapes and sizes, and the wider the range of learning experiences that the children are faced with the better. This is where extra-curricular clubs and activities are worth their weight in gold as they help pupils discover more about themselves as they grow and develop with every exciting experience. Participation in these clubs builds character and helps forge friendships, as well as instilling a can-do attitude, which will serve the children well wherever they find themselves in the future.

With such a great setting and with so many highly-skilled teachers and coaches at our disposal, we encourage all children to take part in extra-curricular activities at Highfield and Brookham. They provide your child with the opportunity to try something new, to widen their interests and to learn about themselves as they develop new skills and friendships. Our diverse range of extra-curricular clubs ensures that your child will easily find something they truly enjoy as we ensure that we cater for everyone, whatever their strengths or interests. Furthermore, they offer an important space to have fun and relax away from the pressures of school work. To help children develop into well-rounded individuals with a diverse range of interests, we offer clubs in four distinct areas and encourage children to join clubs in each of them.


Academic extra-curricular clubs offer pupils a valuable platform to explore and expand their intellectual interests beyond the classroom. These clubs provide an opportunity for like-minded individuals to come together and delve deeper into specific subjects, fostering a sense of community and shared passion. Our academic extra-curricular activities include Homework Club, Maths Club, Book Club and Debating Club and provide children with the chance to really study the subjects they enjoy, expanding their learning and understanding in their chosen area of interest. As your child spends more time on their favoured subject they will enhance their expertise and develop a strong knowledge base for the future. Participating in these clubs also demonstrates dedication and enthusiasm for learning, which can really appeal to senior schools further down the line. In a rapidly-evolving world, academic extra-curricular clubs play a pivotal role in nurturing the next generation of thinkers, innovators and leaders by fostering a lifelong love for learning and exploration.

Skills Development

Extra-curricular clubs provide a platform for cultivating social skills and teamwork. Collaborating with peers in club activities promotes effective communication, conflict resolution and the ability to work harmoniously in a group. Additionally, children can harness leadership skills by taking on responsibilities within these clubs, enhancing their confidence and decision-making capabilities. At Highfield and Brookham, we have a range of activities that really focus on developing such skills, including Cookery Club, Board Games and Bushcraft. Clubs can often cater for a variety of interests, enabling students to explore their passions and develop specialised skills. Whether it’s a debate club, coding club or a cultural society, children can delve into subjects beyond the conventional curriculum. This cultivates critical thinking, problem solving and creativity – indispensable qualities for success in any field. Extra-curricular clubs nurture time-management skills. Juggling academic commitments with club engagements teaches students how to prioritise tasks effectively, enhancing their organisational prowess. Furthermore, participation in extra-curricular clubs nurtures a robust skill set crucial for holistic personal and professional growth. By fostering teamwork, specialised knowledge, leadership abilities and time-management skills, these clubs empower children with tools that extend far beyond their academic journey.


Artistic extra-curricular clubs offer pupils a vibrant platform to unleash their creative potential beyond the confines of their academic pursuits. These clubs provide a haven for self-expression and skills development. Engaging in artistic clubs outside of the classroom nurtures a well-rounded education by fostering creativity, teamwork and confidence. At Highfield and Brookham, our children’s talents are nurtured through a healthy range of extra-curricular activities. For the performers, for example, there are clubs focusing on ballet, modern dance and theatre, and for those keener on visual arts there are opportunities involving open studios, journaling and scrapbooking. Participation in artistic clubs encourages children to explore their passions, experiment with various media and refine their techniques under the guidance of experienced mentors. Moreover, artistic extra-curricular clubs cultivate a sense of community among like-minded peers who share a love for the arts. This camaraderie promotes collaboration and the exchange of ideas, creating an environment where individuals learn from each other and develop valuable interpersonal skills. In essence, artistic extra-curricular clubs contribute to a holistic education by nurturing creativity, fostering personal growth and instilling a lifelong appreciation for the arts. These clubs empower children to go beyond textbooks and explore the realm of imagination, ultimately shaping well-rounded individuals with a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them.


Sports clubs are some of our most popular extra-curricular activities at Highfield and Brookham as children look to develop their sporting skills and make extra time to practice and perfect a sport they love beyond their weekly Games lessons. Physical extra-curricular clubs play a pivotal role in the holistic development of children and we offer a wide range of sporting options, including cricket nets, football, gymnastics and karate. These clubs provide a platform for pupils to engage in various physical activities beyond their academic curriculum, promoting a healthy lifestyle and enhancing their overall well-being. Participation in team sports, dance troupes, martial arts clubs or outdoor adventure groups fosters teamwork, discipline and time-management skills. These experiences contribute to the development of leadership qualities and boost self-confidence as pupils set goals, overcome challenges and celebrate achievements. Moreover, these clubs create a sense of camaraderie and community among pupils who share similar interests. Friendships formed in these settings often transcend the confines of the club itself, enriching the social fabric of the school. At a time when sedentary lifestyles are a concern, physical extra-curricular clubs offer a counterbalance by promoting active engagement and instilling lifelong habits of exercise and wellness. Overall, these clubs contribute substantially to nurturing well-rounded, confident and socially adept individuals prepared for the challenges of both academic and personal pursuits.