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Our Prep School

Our Prep school education is more than just preparing your child for their time at senior school. It is a time for challenge, excitement and fun. It is a period of discovery, where your child will determine who they want to be while they are cared for in a safe and secure environment. We are an independent co-educational day and boarding school for children aged 8-13. We’re located in 175 acres of stunning grounds within the South Downs National Park in Liphook, and welcome families from across Hampshire, West Sussex and Surrey.

Prep school is, of course, a time of assessment and exams. This cannot be avoided. However, our exceptional teachers will carefully manage this time. They will ensure your child doesn’t simply focus on this part of their educational journey. It’s important that we work together to ensure that their love of learning remains and their carefully nurtured flame is not extinguished.

The process of self-discovery that your child will go through will also lead them to important points such as senior school applications. Our highly-experienced Senior Leadership Team will guide you through this journey. A Highfield and Brookham education gifts you exceptional choice as we feed more than 30 of the top day and boarding senior schools in the country. This means we can help your child find the right school for them. We have made the progressive decision to move away from the full Common Entrance syllabus but remain with Common Entrance in the core subjects. This has allowed us to create a bespoke curriculum that focuses on the essential skills that we know senior schools and future employers are seeking in young adults. Our promise to you is that your child will leave Year 8 as an adaptable, resilient and independent young person ready for the world ahead.

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An excellent and very broad educational experience, combined with first-class pastoral care, great facilities in a wonderfully inspiring location.


Our Prep school timetable is a one-week timetable consisting of eight 45-minute lessons a day. To maximise your child’s learning time the timetable has been curated to ensure they move around our specialist facilities in a logical order meaning precious time is spent in lessons rather than moving from one to the next.

To help your child develop the ability to self-critique in a constructive manner they will attend a weekly study skills lesson. Your child will have the opportunity to carry out this new-found skill by reflecting and commenting on their end-of-term progress reports. We provide many real-life opportunities like this for your child to put all of their knowledge and skills into practice. This helps to consolidate their learning as well as give meaning and context to their education.

Our specialist subject teachers in drama, music, games, PE, modern foreign languages, design technology, art and digital literacy teach all Prep school children. Our specialist facilities provide the perfect learning environment for these subjects. In addition, in Year 5 and Year 6 your child will be taught by a subject specialist in science where lessons are conducted in one of our three science labs. They also have an additional new subject added to their timetable – Latin. Our highly-experienced key stage specialist teachers will provide the core teaching in English and maths. By Year 7 your child will be set in all subjects and taught by a subject specialist in all lessons, including wellbeing, geography and history. This ensures your child has experienced the senior school model of teaching before they reach Year 9.

To allow your child to have a focused conclusion to their learning, the day will end in the same way it began – with their form teacher. This is a crucial cog in our exceptional pastoral wheel. It allows the teacher who knows your child best to touch base with them to ensure the day delivered all it had promised. And it allows them to support your child if things didn’t quite go to plan.

There are 21 Saturdays in the academic year where children in Year 5 and above attend school, with Year 4 attending school on 17 Saturdays. Saturday mornings are filled with enrichment activities which contribute toward your child’s Keys Diploma – our Duke of Edinburgh-style award. This follows a bespoke programme of events from week to week which ensures your child is receiving the complete breadth of education we have to offer. Saturday afternoons follow the traditional structure of sports fixtures which parents are warmly invited to watch every week.


Growing children need wholesome food which is why we commit to having such a brilliant Catering Department. All of your child’s meals are seasonally planned, freshly prepared and cooked on site. Morning break is at 10am – the same time for all children in the school. To ensure your child is fuelled appropriately so they can fully engage with their morning lessons they will be served a carbohydrate-based snack. This will provide them with a slow release of energy to keep them focused until lunch.

Lunch break for our Prep school children is at 12.45pm. Lunch service is staggered to ensure the dining hall feels a welcoming place for your child to eat lunch with their friends. The time your child will be called for lunch rotates throughout the week, so sometimes they will eat first and then enjoy the fresh air and sometimes the other way around. Lunch is canteen style with a wide range of tasty and nutritious food on offer to cater for all tastes. There are always hot and cold options, with plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables and salads. Our bespoke menus operate on a three-week rotation and there is always a vegetarian option for those who choose to go meat free. Our aim is to feed your child but also to educate them about healthy choices and responsible eating. For example, when sweet treats and puddings are available our aim is to use reduced sugar and healthy alternatives.

To give your child that energy boost they need to see them through to the end of the day they are offered a snack during afternoon break at 3.15pm. Our approach to food is to ensure that your child has the correct levels of energy to perform well inside and outside of the classroom throughout the day.


The Prep School Day

  • 7.30am breakfast club (optional for day children £)
  • 8am Gates open
  • 8.15am Registration
  • 10am Morning break
  • 12.45pm Lunch break
  • 3.15pm Afternoon break
  • 4.40pm school day ends
  • 4.40pm After school clubs (optional)
  • 5.30pm Clubs end
  • 5.30pm Prep (optional for day children £)
  • 6.30pm Supper (optional for day children £)
  • 7pm Boarders’ evening activities
  • 8pm Bedtime routine

Drop off

The gates at our Prep school open at 8am ready for the children to spill into their classrooms for 8.15am. Every day starts with 15 minutes of precious form time with your child’s class teacher to ensure they are set for the busy day ahead.

Our boarders enjoy a nourishing breakfast in our dining hall before the school day and our day children are invited to join them from 7.30am if they wish. We know how busy mornings can be so this option is valued by many families. Your child will be spoilt for choice for breakfast. There is always a hot option such as eggs on toast as well as cereal, porridge, yoghurt, toast and fresh fruit to kickstart their day.

After school

The school day finishes at 4.40pm but the fun doesn’t stop there. There is a full programme of after-school clubs which we actively encourage all children to take advantage of. There are four categories of clubs: physical, skill development, academic and artistic. We recommend your child tries one club from each group to fully benefit from our broad range of extra-curricular activities. Some of our clubs are run by our teachers who are passionate about a certain hobby, subject or sports and are free of charge. We also invite external professionals to run clubs such as LAMDA, Gymnastics and Golf, which do incur costs.

We offer Homework Club every day free of charge, so if there isn’t a new club your child wants to try and you need care for them after school they can stay with us until 5.30pm.

At 5.30pm our boarders head off to evening prep before heading into the Dining Hall for their homecooked supper at 6.30pm. Day children are invited to join boarders and can be collected as late as 7pm if family circumstances require it.

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What we’re up to…

We’re looking forward to welcoming prospective families at our next Open Morning on Saturday 27th April. Have you booked your place? Come and discover why it’s such an exciting time to join Highfield and Brookham? To reserve your place, visit

Our popular bushcraft course closed the door to the forest today, but not before a thorough tidy up to ensure they ‘left no trace.’ And of course, no bushcraft experience would ever be complete without some marshmallow toasting! The children have so enjoyed this course, making memories, learning skills and cherishing nature. We know they’ll be back for more next holiday. #TogetherWeGrow #IndependentSchool #PrivateSchool #BoardingSchool #PrepSchool #PrePrepSchool #Nursery #Liphook #Hampshire #Surrey #WestSussex #HolidayActivityCourses #BushcraftAdventure #NatureExploration #LeaveNoTrace #BushcraftFun

Our busy schedule of holiday courses continues and today, amongst others, is our brilliant Musical Theatre workshop. This course, run by our very own Susannah Wilson, helps children develop their performance skills as they think about stage presence, voice and expression. As the children channelled their inner Matilda, we think it’s safe to say that talent is abound!

Archery and fencing were just two of the sports on offer in our multi sports holiday course run by the fantastic team at @jcsportsonline. The course offers a wonderful opportunity for children to try their hand at different sports, try something new and perfect existing skills and most importantly have a lot of fun! #TogetherWeGrow #IndependentSchool #PrivateSchool #BoardingSchool #PrepSchool #PrePrepSchool #Nursery #Liphook #Hampshire #Surrey #WestSussex #HolidayActivityCourses

Considering schools? Why not come along to our next Open Morning on Saturday 27th April to discover just why it’s such an exciting time to join Highfield and Brookham? To reserve your place, visit our website or message us. #TogetherWeGrow #IndependentSchool #PrivateSchool #BoardingSchool #PrepSchool #PrePrepSchool #Nursery #Liphook #Hampshire #Surrey #WestSussex #OpenMorning

Spending time in the great outdoors in our wonderful natural woodlands is what our bushcraft course is all about. Although the day is packed full with hands-on activities like shelter-building and crafting with natural materials, there’s always plenty of time to enjoy the simple pleasure of being outside. #TogetherWeGrow #IndependentSchool #PrivateSchool #BoardingSchool #PrepSchool #PrePrepSchool #Nursery #Liphook #Hampshire #Surrey #WestSussex #HolidayActivityCourses #SpringSunshine #BushcraftAdventure #NatureExploration

Under the expert guidance of Hattie Roberts from Learning beyond the Classroom, the young adventurers on our bushcraft course have been honing their whittling skills in our wonderful woodland. Every activity on this fantastic course fosters teamwork, friendship and a love for nature and the great outdoors.

Considering schools? Why not come along to our next Open Morning on Saturday 27th April to discover just why it’s such an exciting time to join Highfield and Brookham? To reserve your place, visit

Young gymnasts got a vaulting masterclass from top coach Denise Ogilvie today. The children learned to vault onto their knees, being mindful of their hand placement, before working on their dismounts, be it a star, tuck or straight jump. Gymnastics is just one of many brilliant Easter holiday activity courses we are running over the next 10 days. To see what else we have on offer, visit #TogetherWeGrow #IndependentSchool #PrivateSchool #BoardingSchool #PrepSchool #PrePrepSchool #Nursery #Liphook #Hampshire #Surrey #WestSussex #HolidayActivityCourses #Gymnastics

It’s hard to imagine as the rain continues to pour down, but three weeks today our boys and girls should be donning their whites to play their first competitive cricket matches of the new summer term. Fingers crossed for plenty of sunshine between now and then! #TogetherWeGrow #IndependentSchool #PrivateSchool #BoardingSchool #PrepSchool #PrePrepSchool #Nursery #Liphook #Hampshire #Surrey #WestSussex #SummerTerm #NewCricketSeason

We’ve had a brilliant start to our packed Easter holiday activities programme, with creative crafting courtesy of the lovely ladies from Feltybeecrafts and an engineering masterclass in Tech Camp with the boffins from Next Thing Education Camps. Marbling and the art of needle felting were the order of the day for our young crafters while tomorrow’s engineers built battery-operated model robots, giving them a close look at exactly how mechanical systems work. To see what else we’ve got coming up, visit #TogetherWeGrow #IndependentSchool #PrivateSchool #BoardingSchool #PrepSchool #PrePrepSchool #Nursery #Liphook #Hampshire #Surrey #WestSussex #HolidayActivityCourses

We love seeing how engaged the children are on our fun, thought-provoking and educational holiday activity courses. Click the link in our bio to see what’s going on this Easter. #TogetherWeGrow #IndependentSchool #PrivateSchool #BoardingSchool #PrepSchool #PrePrepSchool #Nursery #Liphook #Hampshire #Surrey #WestSussex #HolidayActivityCourses

Wishing everyone a very happy Easter. #TogetherWeGrow #IndependentSchool #PrivateSchool #Liphook #Hampshire #WestSussex #Surrey #PrepSchool #PrePrepSchool #Nursery #Easter

Wishing everyone a very happy Easter. #TogetherWeGrow #IndependentSchool #PrivateSchool #Liphook #Hampshire #WestSussex #Surrey #PrepSchool #PrePrepSchool #Nursery #Easter

A racing driver with a penchant for vintage cars has had a radical rethink on how he powers his vehicles, fuelled by a casual chat with his six-year-old daughter on the way to school one morning. @vintagebentleyheritage #TogetherWeGrow #IndependentSchool #PrivateSchool #BoardingSchool #PrepSchool #PrePrepSchool #Nursery #Liphook #Hampshire #Surrey #WestSussex #SpringTerm #Environment #GreenDream

It all came down to the final, quick-fire round but congratulations to Agincourt who fended off a stiff challenge from Trafalgar and Waterloo to secure bragging rights in the House General Knowledge Quiz on the last day before the Easter break! #TogetherWeGrow #IndependentSchool #PrivateSchool #BoardingSchool #PrepSchool #PrePrepSchool #Nursery #Liphook #Hampshire #Surrey #WestSussex #SpringTerm

Our new Old Highfieldian Magazine is out now! Enjoy a review and highlights of the past school year, discover what our alumni have been up to and find out about some upcoming events. You can read the magazine here ➡️ email to request a paper copy.

Considering schools? Why not come along to our next Open Morning on Saturday 27th April to discover just why it’s such an exciting time to join Highfield and Brookham? To reserve your place, visit

Our new Old Highfieldian Magazine is out now! Enjoy a review and highlights of the past school year, discover what our alumni have been up to and find out about some upcoming events. You can read the magazine on our website (link in bio) or email to request a paper copy. #TogetherWeGrow #IndependentSchool #PrivateSchool #BoardingSchool #PrepSchool #PrePrepSchool #Nursery #Liphook #Hampshire #Surrey #WestSussex #alumni

We are thrilled with our recent review from The Good Schools Guide. Our innovative teaching and personalised learning ensures that children at Highfield and Brookham receive a word-class education enabling them to move on to the very best senior schools in the country. Read the full review ➡️

Our teachers are an exceptional bunch, and their talents stretch way beyond the classroom. Today, Year 5 were treated to an hilarious and brilliant adaptation of the tale of King Arthur courtesy of Mrs Cryer, Mrs Baird, Mr Elgood, Mr Dunn and Mr Grech. NOTE: No teachers were harmed in the making of this production! #TogetherWeGrow #IndependentSchool #PrivateSchool #BoardingSchool #PrepSchool #PrePrepSchool #Nursery #Liphook #Hampshire #Surrey #WestSussex #SpringTerm

We couldn’t say farewell to the busy spring term without with an Easter egg hunt in the woods. But it was Easter eggs with a difference as the Nursery children, with a little help from their parents, sought out beautifully decorated and personalised paper eggs which had been carefully ‘hidden’ around the children’s forest school site. And having worked up an appetite finding their colourful eggs, the children were treated to tasty cheese and ham quesadillas! #TogetherWeGrow #IndependentSchool #PrivateSchool #BoardingSchool #PrepSchool #PrePrepSchool #Nursery #Liphook #Hampshire #Surrey #WestSussex #SpringTerm #Easter

It doesn’t seem five minutes since they left for Prague on Sunday, but the Chapel choir have already packed lots of amazing things into their trip to the Czech Republic. They’ve had a guided tour of one of Europe’s most historic and beautiful cities, spent time being wowed at the interactive Museum of Senses, taken a trip up to the top of the observational tower at Petrin Hill and performed a wonderful concert in a neo-Baroque chateau in Zamek Slapy. And there’s still more to come before they head back home tomorrow! #TogetherWeGrow #IndependentSchool #PrivateSchool #BoardingSchool #PrepSchool #PrePrepSchool #Nursery #Liphook #Hampshire #Surrey #WestSussex #ChoralTour

We truly cherish that wonderful relationship between pupils and teachers… #TogetherWeGrow #IndependentSchool #PrivateSchool #BoardingSchool #PrepSchool #PrePrepSchool #Nursery #Liphook #Hampshire #Surrey #WestSussex

Considering a new school? Why not come along to our next Open Morning on Saturday 27th April to discover just what makes Highfield and Brookham the standout nursery, pre-prep and prep school in the area? To reserve your place, visit or simply hit the link in our bio! #TogetherWeGrow #IndependentSchool #PrivateSchool #BoardingSchool #PrepSchool #PrePrepSchool #Nursery #Liphook #Hampshire #Surrey #WestSussex #OpenMorning

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