Together we excel

ISI inspection reports

Highfield and Brookham achieved the highest possible grade of ‘Excellent’ in all categories of our recent Education Quality Inspection. In November 2022 the schools undertook an Education Quality Inspection and a Focused Compliance Inspection. We achieved the highest possible grade of “Excellent” for the Education Quality Inspection.

The Focused Compliance Inspection assesses schools against a large number of regulatory standards, the standards are either “met” or “not met”. Highfield and Brookham met the standards in every area.

Brookham School November 2022
Highfield School November 2022
Pupils are highly resilient, self-aware and exude confidence. Pupils form excellent relationships with each other. They have strong collaborative skills and relish working together to achieve common goals.

Pupils nurture and care for each other and show a wealth of kindness and friendship: the ethos that underpins the very nature of this school.

Pupils’ attitudes to learning are exceptional. The great desire for pupils to give their best, to succeed and maximise their ability was noted throughout the school.

Tasks are suitably tailored and appropriately challenging for all abilities. Pupils are naturally curious and maximise every opportunity to develop further their excellent study skills afforded them through the well-planned curriculum.

Pupils demonstrate an extensive range of skills, knowledge and understanding beyond the expectations for their age and ability and achieve success in a wide range of academic, sporting and cultural activities.