All The World’s A Stage For Pupils After Globe Visit

10th May 2024

Children at Highfield and Brookham have used their trip to the iconic Globe Theatre as inspiration for creative writing in English.

Last week’s trip to the historic London landmark, which nestles unassumingly on the banks of the River Thames, gave Year 7 pupils the chance to get a behind-the-scenes tour of the 16th Century playhouse before savouring at close quarters a spectacualar performance of Shakespeare play Much Ado About Nothing.

The electric blue scaffolding and bright oranges set the show alive. I was surprised when the cast came out into the audienc, it made me feel I really was there with them

Emily Law

The captivated children got a fascinating insight into the secrets of a working theatre, including the wooden ‘pillars of Hercules’, which have the appearance of marble, and the ‘heaven and hell trapdoors’, through which actors enter and exit the stage, while also getting top performance tips such as stage presence and voice projection.

But, just as importantly, they gained an invaluable source of inspiration to use during their English lessons back in the classroom. Currently studying King of Shadows by Susan Cooper, which links Shakespeare’s world and his writing with the present day, the children wrote compelling first-person pieces based on their experience of the trip to the Globe, using emotion, vivid descriptions and colour to portray their feelings.

My favourite two characters were Benedick and Beatrice because they worked so well together and they were very funny. There was one point where they danced a masque and the masks they wore were exquisite

Wilf Walters

Suzannah Cryer, Head of Highfield and Brookham and former Head of Drama at the nursery, pre-prep and prep school on the rural borders of Hampshire, Surrey and West Sussex, said that school trips were an ideal way for subjects and studies to be brought to life, be it academic, sport, drama or art.

“School trips are a wonderful way to engage children in various subjects, giving them the chance to appreciate their studies from a different and usually more active perspective. It arms the children with knowledge, skills and a wonderful understanding of their subject,” she said.

“Year 7 had an amazing day at the Globe Theatre, one of London’s most iconic theatres, and their enriching experience will have far-reaching benefits in the classroom. They have already shown that benefit during their English lessons and they are sure to put some of the skills they learnt into practice on the drama stage.”