Charity Coffers Rocket Thanks To Fabulous Fireworks

9th November 2022

Highfield and Brookham’s annual bonfire and fireworks night spectacular has swelled the coffers of a charity dedicated to helping disabled children.

Despite wet and windy weather, Saturday’s spectacle went off with a bang as a riot of colour lit up the night sky above Liphook.

And the impressive bonfire, made up of wood and greenery from around the Highfield and Brookham estate, warmed more than just the Guy Fawkes revellers as the school’s much-loved charity, Highreach Holidays, was boosted to the tune of £2,400 from the night’s proceeds.

Highreach, which has been running since 2018, provides week-long residential summer holidays for children with physical and mental disabilities and the cash was raised through food and drink sales and cash donations.

Taking pride of place atop the bonfire were traditional guys produced by pupils from Highfield’s three houses – Agincourt, Trafalgar and Waterloo – as part of the annual house competition, with Trafalgar taking the honours this year.

Highfield Head Suzannah Cryer said: “The weather couldn’t have been much worse but the wind and rain certainly failed to dampen anyone’s spirits. The bonfire was a tremendous spectacle, the fireworks were colourful and dramatic and prompted many ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ from the watching children and parents, and the warming food and drinks in the theatre were a real treat.

“But best of all was that a fabulous amount of money was raised for a charity that is incredibly dear to all our hearts at Highfield and Brookham and is really going from strength to strength.” Highreach was deemed ‘outstanding’ this summer by Ofsted; the clean bill of health coming as a huge shot in the arm for the charity which offers a safe, fun and interactive week-long holiday for disabled children aged eight to 16 and an invaluable break for their carers.