School Announces NACE Membership

2nd February 2024

Highfield and Brookham School, known for its nurturing and academically rigorous environment, today announced its membership in the National Association for Able Children in Education (NACE). This partnership reaffirms the school’s commitment to fostering excellence and potential in every child.

NACE, a leading UK organisation, empowers educators to tailor learning experiences for high-achieving students. Recognising the crucial role of setting high expectations and fostering a growth mindset across the board. Highfield and Brookham aligns perfectly with NACE’s values.

“Joining NACE reflects our unwavering commitment to nurturing every child’s potential,” says Suzannah Cryer, Head at Highfield and Brookham School. “Their expertise perfectly complement our existing pedagogy, which emphasises high-quality, challenging teaching for all.”

Highfield and Brookham emphasises a “rich education based on experience and robust research delivered by passionate teachers,” ensuring an intellectually stimulating environment for all children. The school believes in meticulously crafting and implementing a curriculum that intrinsically accommodates diverse learning needs. This approach fosters high expectations and enriches the educational experience for every child.

“NACE membership opens doors to valuable resources, collaboration opportunities, and professional development for our dedicated educators,” Mrs. Cryer adds. “This strengthens our ability to provide an outstanding education that empowers each child to flourish.”

By joining NACE, Highfield and Brookham School demonstrates its ongoing commitment to excellence and continuous improvement. This partnership further solidifies the school’s position as a champion for personalised learning and fostering the full potential of every child.

Highfield and Brookham has been long recognised for its broad and rigorous curriculum and for sending children on to the top senior schools in the country.