School Maintains Impressive Scholarship Record

25th July 2022

Highfield and Brookham Schools is celebrating another bumper crop of scholarships.

Seventeen senior school scholarships have been awarded to Year 8 pupils this year, taking the impressive total well into three figures in the past eight years alone.

The scholarships and exhibitions awarded are again to a range of top senior schools, including Wellington College, Marlborough College, Charterhouse, Cranleigh and Bryanston.

The award of 123 places since 2014, which this year includes scholarships in art, academia, sport, drama and music, continues a remarkable run of success for the school’s enviable scholarship programme and is a key factor for parents choosing Highfield and Brookham for their children.

Pupils with a wide range of abilities are selected for the programme each year, with each head of department offering their own network of expert support and guidance to help children reach their potential in their chosen specialist subject.

And the level of care and attention aimed at the scholarship programme at Highfield and Brookham Schools has clearly paid handsome dividends yet again.

Phillip Evitt, Headmaster at Highfield School, said: “All those sitting scholarships embark upon a journey which, at times, is challenging, stressful or full of joy – and occasionally all at the same time. These children are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible for their age.

“The 123 scholarships awarded to our pupils over the past eight years really reflects the breadth and range of our pupils’ strengths and provides a strong endorsement of the quality of teaching and learning at Highfield and Brookham Schools.”

And he added: “I’m extremely proud of all of them and wish them well with their future studies and beyond. They are a real credit to the school and will undoubtedly serve as an inspiration for next year’s scholarship cohort.”

Scholarship, exhibition and award recipients:

Henrietta Baillieu: Art Scholarship (Charterhouse)

Kitty Black: Drama Scholarship (Charterhouse)

Daisy Clowes: Foundation Award (Charterhouse)

Minty Delliere: Sports Scholarship (Bryanston)

Eleanor Fisher: Academic Scholarship (St Mary’s, Ascot)

Daisy Green: Academic Scholarship (Marlborough) & Art Scholarship (Marlborough)

Gil Hardwick: Music Exhibition (Wellington College)

Izzy Hendricks: Foundation Scholarship (Charterhouse) & Art Exhibition (Charterhouse)

Oliver Hendricks: Foundation Scholarship (Charterhouse)

Tilly Hogg: Sports Scholarship (Bradfield College) & Sports Scholarship (Charterhouse)

Matilda Kauntze: Drama Exhibition (Cranleigh School)

Sebastian Lett: Drama Scholarship (Charterhouse)

Annabel Manning: Music Exhibition (Bryanston School)

Julie Wang: Music Exhibition (Benenden School)