Young Rockers Wow Battle Of The Bands Judges

9th February 2024

Young rockers from Highfield and Brookham School proved they’re made of stern stuff after belying their age in a school music competition.

Talented six-piece band Granite didn’t make the top two of the 13 schools taking part in the annual Battle of the Bands competition at Prior’s Field School in Godalming but they did hugely impress the judges as the youngest band on show.

And the boys didn’t come away empty handed as talented drummer Henry Fisher was named best individual performer on the day – something made all the more remarkable by the fact that Henry

was on crutches and had to drum with his non-dominant leg.

While many schools included sixth-formers in their line ups, the prep school quintet from Highfield and Brookham – made up of guitarist Dougie Hogg, bassist Albie Black, vocalists Gabe Church and Rory Lett, Theo Dunfield-Prayero on keyboards and drummer Henry – proved that age is no barrier to talent as they raised the roof by performing Bon Jovi’s Livin’ On A Prayer and Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns N’ Roses to an appreciative audience which included judges from Guilfest and The Boiler Room.

Impressed by the mature performance of the Highfield and Brookham musicians, one judge said: “You’ve got so much talent for how young you are and you were perfectly in tune the whole time. I’m a bit blown away, I can’t find the words.”

Another described the performance as “excellent” before citing the bassist’s “excellent moves on the stage”.

And a third judge enthused: “It’s so nice to see guys of your age just have so much enthusiasm, energy, love for music. It really was an amazing show. Keep going because you’re going to be the next rock stars!”

The boys, who are coached by guitar specialist Mark Rood, are well known around the school having previously performed on Rock Day and at HighFest, which showcases the school’s musical talent.

Suzannah Cryer, Head of Highfield and Brookham, said: “Music is such an integral part of school life and we are lucky enough to have not only dedicated and specialist teachers but also talented pupils who have the maturity, drive and talent to make their mark with their chosen instrument.

“Seeing the result of that dedication and desire in Granite’s incredible performance at Prior’s Field was nothing short of amazing and I couldn’t be more proud of the five boys and Mr Rood. The world really is their oyster and there is no limit to what they can achieve.”

Picture courtesy of Simon Drake Photography