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Welcome to Highfield, a prestigious Prep School in England, founded in 1907. The School is set in 175 acres of beautiful Hampshire countryside near London Gatwick and Heathrow Airports, which are only an hour away.

Our pupils enjoy an engaging, interactive curriculum delivered by specialist teachers, not just in academic subjects such as Maths, Science and Computing, but also in Music, Art, Drama and Sport, which are just as important to help children discover their passions and develop life skills. Along with the great variety of extra-curticular activities, there is always something new to learn and enjoy.

As a Prep School for boys and girls up to 13 years, Highfield offers the perfect opportunity for younger children to experience an English boarding school in a more nurturing ‘family feel’ environment, that will help them settle easily and start to enjoy themselves quickly. It’s much easier to feel confident when you are one of the oldest children in the school, than one of the youngest!

We are really impressed with our son’s development at Highfield; his spark and genuine passion for learning is notably higher even after a short period at the school.

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Entry to Senior Schools in England

Choosing for your child to join a Prep School in the UK at a younger age, provides far easier access to the best Senior Schools in the UK.

Highfield has an outstanding academic reputation and has been preparing children for entry to the top private schools in England for over a century. We have a flawless track record for securing every child’s place at their first choice senior school, and an excellent Scholarship success rate of between 15-20 scholarships a year.

For families looking for a private boarding school near London where their children can experience the best education, Highfield is the perfect choice.

If you are moving to the UK with children under 8 years old, our Pre-Prep Brookham (Primary School) offers a magical first experience of British education.

Any questions?

At what age can children attend a UK boarding school or summer school?

Highfield Boarding is open to boys and girls from age 8 to 13 years. Children and young adults aged 8-15 may attend the Summer Course.

The youngest boarding children of 8 or 9 years stay in our warm and cosy Junior House, which provides a smaller environment similar to a large family home. The older children stay in the Senior House and sleep in brightly decorated dormitories, varying in size from 4 to 8 beds.

What are the advantages of children joining an English boarding school at a younger age?

As Highfield finishes at age 13, your child will be one of the older children in the school, which is far less daunting than joining a huge senior school as one of the youngest. Highfield provides a smaller, ‘family feel’ environment that will help your child feel at home and settle quickly, especially if it is their first time away from home.

Boarding at a Prep School allows time for your family to explore the wealth of Senior Schools in the UK, and really benefit from the experience of our Headmaster in advising the best ‘fit’ school for your child. Meanwhile our flawless track record for securing children’s places at their first choice provides great peace of mind.

Will boarding help my child develop Christian values?

Our school mission is to provide a first-rate day and boarding education supported by a strong Christian ethos, in a community where every child is treated equally, respected, happy, fulfilled and secure.

Through a combination of our regular Chapel services, Assemblies, Religious Studies and Personal, Social and Health Education lessons, children are encouraged to consider their own faith, their role within the school community and society at large.

We promote moral values within a Christian ethos which develop a sense of own worth and strong relationships with others, but we also promote education and respect for beliefs and religions different to the child’s own. Children of all faiths are welcome at Highfield and Brookham.

How many other non-British children are in the school?

ust under 300 children attend Highfield, 130 of them are boarders, and 35 of our boarders are international students. We have a strict admissions policy to ensure that no overseas nationality is dominant to ensure a good diversity of language and culture.

In terms of African nationalities, we currently have children from Kenya, Nigeria, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Uganda in the school.

Where will my child sleep?

Our newly refurbished boarding accommodation is warm and homely, and located on the upper floors of the school building. There are separate sections for boys and girls, and children sleep in dorms with between 4 – 8 beds. The boarding staff also have bedrooms near the dormitories so there is always someone nearby if needed to ensure children feel happy, safe and cared for.

View the gallery to see photos of our accommodation:

A regular laundry service is provided by the Matron, and we have an on site Nurse should a child feel unwell. More information can be found on the Pupil Care & Support page and here for the summer school course.

What is the food like at Highfield?

Food at our school is very important – just ask the children! We have a fantastic team of enthusiastic chefs who provide the children with a varied choice of delicious and nutritious meals, cooked on the premises. Children enjoy the option of three hot meals, as well as healthy snacks throughout each day. We are also able to cater for a range of special diets.

Watch the video to see some of our international themed days:

Does Highfield offer scholarships or bursaries for international students?

Highfield does not offer scholarships or bursaries for international students at this time.

Highfield does however have a long history of supporting children from disadvantaged backgrounds around the UK, as well as cases of hardship within our local community. We actively fundraise to enable us to provide significant support and broaden access to the school for children from a variety of backgrounds.

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